Angry caller on line 1


I have to admit that seeing Tom Ahern’s requirement that you as a nonprofit use exactly what he has written for your direct mail piece is incredibly scary. We’re nonprofits! We don’t want to offend anybody.

But … he’s right and it might be a pill we need to swallow. I suspect this is even something to consider beyond mail (to email, social media, etc.). What we really want is a RESPONSE.

Have you sent out an email recently that was opened but nobody clicked through to see the full stories? Did you send out a letter that had lackluster results?

What if you had the opportunity to TALK to the people who receive your message? What if they picked up the phone and called you because of what you wrote?

Scary, I know. I have to admit that part of me would be thrilled to have that conversation to get to know my supporters better.

Would you?

Read more about Tom Ahern and his methods: In Direct Mail, All Responses, Even Complaints, Are Good.


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