Structuring the day for success


Opening my own business, after a number of months, left me without the structure I’d had when I worked for someone else.  Without that structure, I wandered. I wasn’t nearly as productive as I knew I could be.  In 2012, with the help of some excellent guidance from a career coach, I’ve built my own structure.

– First, I found office space. Having a place to go and taking the time to get there and back is very helpful for my day. I walk 1 mile there and 1 mile back — a built in gym. During that time I come up with some good ideas and think about what I need to do (or wind down after the day so I can be ready for home).

– I write down my goals. Every day. These goals don’t change much from day to day. They are big goals. Dreams. I write them down so I remember what I am working for.

– I write down the tasks for the day. These are the things I need to do today so I can reach my goals at some point. On this list are client projects, questions I need to ask, ideas for a new direction. It even includes things I need to buy at the store. This clears up the busy-ness of my mind. I look at it throughout the day to get back on track.

– I meditate for 10 minutes. Nothing special here:  I do a quick google search for 10 minute meditations and play the first one that looks interesting. Taking this time to stop, breathe and take care of me makes my day much nicer — and at the end of the day the stress in my shoulders is always less when I take this time in the morning.

Following is a clip from the Harvard Business Review blog about rituals. I’m heartened to see he has similar things that he does.

Develop Productivity Rituals – Video – Harvard Business Review.


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