Crowdfunding: my new obsession


I’ve become increasingly fascinated with crowdfunding. I saw a presentation at a conference last fall and now I see opportunities everywhere. Have you used crowdfunding? Would you? If you have any resources to share, please send them my way

Connecting Coffee. I need someone to help purchase coffee and pastries for this networking event.

– Volunteer Training video. We learned at a 2011 Connecting Coffee that some nonprofit agencies in Philadelphia are willing to share a resource for training volunteers, especially with cultural competency. The participants reported that their volunteers don’t understand poverty or its manifestations (for example, that a family’s phone might be turned on one day and turned off the next).

– Special projects at a nonprofit agency. Isn’t crowdfunding really just a grant application using video and social media?

How would you use (or, how have you used) crowdfunding?

Key tips: How to Crowdfund to Raise Money |

More Key Tips:


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