Why should I go to your event?


Content Marketing: 5 Non-Profit Success Stories to Learn From.

The above linked article is from a resource for business people in the for-profit world. Can you believe that for-profit people can benefit from how nonprofits are marketing themselves? Indeed they can. And indeed many  nonprofits still need to learn the lessons.

Why aren’t you marketing your content?

Let’s start with the basics: do you know what your content is? It’s your STORIES, it’s your EXPERTISE. You see amazing things happen every day: people you serve achieving great things, volunteers going above and beyond the call of duty, economic structures destroying your neighborhoods. This content is what makes people want to support you. Your upcoming event is interesting, but how ’bout telling me WHY I should go.

I challenge you to have the conversation within your agency about what stories you can tell. You can change the names of people to protect their privacy, for example. And maybe, just maybe, it’s time to tell a story that gets people talking. Something a little controversial?

Use photographs

Many of the social media platforms out there want you to use a strong visual presentation.You can use stock photos to make the story pop (see stock.xchg for FREE photos).

  • Facebook Timeline: Please create a timeline image I can use. Do it.
  • Pinterest: I love promoting my favorite nonprofits, but few have images that I can use on Pinterest. Do it.
  • Facebook posts: you get more traction if you have images and videos to post with your stories.
  • Videos: Can you give me a 60 second reason to support your agency? I bet you can.

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