Connecting people who care about foster care in Philadelphia




Every time I attend a Connecting Coffee I am blown away by the quality of the people in the room. Today we had people from 16 different agencies in Philadelphia, each of whom had a connection to foster care in Philadelphia. So many agencies are offering services that they know foster kids should have access to, but so often don’t.  This was a chance for 17 people to share their good work.

Michael Rice of Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services talked about their new initiative, Improving Outcomes for Children. For more information, there is an article in the most recent Philadelphia Social Innovation Journal here: Innovation at the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS): Improving Outcomes for Children by Increasing Accountability and Strengthening Community Partnerships.

It is magical when you can see people learning new things. It’s like watching a beautiful lightening storm. It’s only a couple of hours after the meeting and already I’ve heard from attendees that they are in contact with some of the people they met this morning.

If you’d like to attend, sign up for the mailing list here. The next event in Philadelphia will be in May. Delaware will be launching soon.


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