Nonprofits: How can we put ourselves out of business?


Oh the sneers I got at a strategic planning class in January when I suggested that we should think about how to put ourselves out of business. In strategic planning, you would get very different action items for your plan if you really thought about solving the problem in your mission statement.

In this article in the Huffington Post (via Thenera Bailey: Nonprofits Should Be in the Business of Going Out of Business, Ms. Bailey proposes that

if we actually solved the problems of the world, why then would our non-profit organizations and awareness campaigns need to exist?

The arts organizations in the classroom scoffed, “We will always need arts organizations.” Then why isn’t Disney a nonprofit? What if people were willing to pay for the services you provide?

Of course, not everything is solvable in a number of months or years. But how would your day change if you really wanted to solve the problem?


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