Socially emotional campaigns: driving action


Kony 2012. Toms. Do we care how much good they are actually doing? Or how they are doing it? These are just two organizations that we are talking about a lot right now. In a couple of months there could be other organizations that have persuaded us that we should help them further their mission through large-scale social media efforts.

Amy Costello’s podcast at the Chronicle of Philanthropy sheds some light on Toms and how they do what they do.

Buy One and Give One: Inside Toms Shoes – Tiny Spark – The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas.

Do you still want to buy the shoes? More interestingly, did you think about the hows and whys before you decided you wanted to buy Toms shoes to support the effort?

When you saw the Kony 2012 video, did you think about why or how they do what they do?

I  focus my support on agencies I can see and feel: local groups with services that I can learn enough about to feel good about supporting their good work. How do you decide what good work you’re going to support?


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