Are you worried you don’t have the right stories?


Are you worried that you don’t have the right (or enough) content to have a social media strategy?

Then it’s time to take a walk. Sometimes you need to break away from your day-to-day to see the content you do have on hand, readily available.

I know of an agency that taught photography in their after school program and never posted a single photo.

I know of an agency that visited Washington, DC, as part of an advocacy campaign with other like-minded organizations. And they didn’t tell any of their constituents.

What are you already doing? What is it going to take to get the entire agency working together to tell your story?

4 Ways To Create Brand Content People Actually Care About | Fast CompanyContent development and process begins with the organization. Perform a communication audit of existing collateral, creative assets, and positioning from the perspective of the customer. There are likely many existing content resources that with a bit of shine can be revitalized into powerful content marketing pieces–just take a look at the amazing photography that the New York Times incorporated into itsFacebook timeline. However, be a fierce editor, ruthless about sending things to the cutting room floor. Ask yourself honestly, “Is this any good?” “Do these images make me feel the right kind of something?” “Is this worth sharing?” In addition to reviewing existing materials, gather opinions about content opportunities and upcoming milestones from staff members. Involve your entire organization in a creative brainstorm to uncover the compelling stories that are already happening, ripe for the telling. 


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