Nonprofit Self-Esteem Issues


On Wednesday last week I attended an Association of Fundraising Professionals (Philadelphia) class led by R. Andrew Swinney, president of The Philadelphia Foundation. A surprisingly small group of us spent the afternoon talking about nonprofit fiscal health. And Mr. Swinney spent that time prompting us to think about ourselves differently.

He did not prompt us to “think like businesses”. He did not tell us we needed program evaluation.

He told us to stop lying to our donors.

We in the nonprofit world are notoriously bad at asking for what we need to operate our businesses. We ask for what we think that person or foundation will give. Sometimes, that’s not enough.

In the following article at Social Innovation, there’s a nice give-and-take about how to respond to your donors when they push back and make unreasonable demands.  Financing not Fundraising: How to Rebut Crazy Donor Demands | Social Velocity.

Would you be able to do this? If you can’t, why can’t you?


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