July 31: Connecting Cocktails


In  July we’re going to have the first Connecting Cocktails.

A survey on the Facebook page showed that some people would like to come to an evening event. Some of those people were interested in cocktails and some were just interested in the timing.As I looked for meeting space, cocktails became inevitable.

I hope you will join us for a non-traditional Connecting Coffee. The space is air-conditioned and there are good food and drink specials (and you don’t have to drink cocktails to have a good time).

We will resume regular Connecting Coffee programming in September.

Connecting Cocktails
Registration is not necessary for this event, but it would be helpful if you responded at the Facebook Event page.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

           Smokin’ Betty’s

           116 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA

           NW Corner of 11th and Sansom Streets
           5pm – 7pm 


Make Friends, Not Contacts (Relationships vs. ATMs Part II)


I’m revisiting the theme of how to build strong and lasting relationships with your donors. (See Also http://wp.me/p268ip-21) .

We’ve all heard that individuals donors give more than foundations and corporations (on a whole, across the country).

The hard part is stewardship: the act of getting to know the people who care about your agency. What do they like? Why are they involved?

The link below is a Lifehacker story written by someone who was working at a startup company. Although it’s not a nonprofit, his lessons still apply (don’t they usually?).

Make Friends, Not Contacts.

  • Make friends with the person next to you, you probably have more in common with them than you think.
  • Realize when someone is trying to help you.
  • Pay attention and respond when someone shows that he or she wants to hang out with you.

Our mailing lists will be richer if we take the time to get to know the people on the lists. One hundred friends are better than 25,000 business cards.

A Life Lesson indeed


This is very funny. As we are always trying to form the perfect elevator speech, the perfect pitch for a donation … now read this:

“…[O]ne of Give Social’s employees was on her way from the Georgetown office to the Foggy Bottom metro station. A nice young gentleman proceeded to approach and compliment her, and followed with a Pitch which [was] comprised of a summary of his virtues and eligibility and an Ask an appeal for a more formal meeting at a future time and place. The Give Social employee, while flattered, felt it best to politely decline the advance, but in the interest of arming the gentleman with the tools to achieve a successful Ask in the future, she bluntly asked if he’d like feedback on his performance.Slightly taken aback, he agreed, and listened intently as she documented for him the merits and drawbacks of his Pitch. ‘Don’t sell yourself short,’ she told him. ‘You need to frontload your message so that the good stuff is the first thing I hear. Using humor was effective—keep that up—but while a little self deprecation is ok, make sure I walk away impressed with your confidence.””

via Perfecting the Pitch: A Life Lesson from Give Social – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly – Promoting an active and engaged democracy..