Connecting Cocktails: Roundup


Last night we had the first ever Connecting Cocktails. July is a hard time of year to get people to show up for events, so we had a more social event than usual. Connecting Coffees are facilitated discussions where every voice is heard, usually around a specific topic. Although I didn’t get to sit in on all of the conversations, here are some of the things we discussed:

  • We will absolutely have more evening events. Some people cannot attend the morning sessions. If you know of Center City space that can fit 15-20 people after 5pm, please contact me.
  • Moving from for-profit to nonprofit: We had a rich discussion on this topic. One person was contemplating a switch and several of us had made the transition already. The consensus was that job satisfaction is really important and nonprofit might (MIGHT) be a way to find more satisfaction.
  • Career positioning: Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in one job title. A skills-based resume can show your experiences and allow the person reading it to see that you did more than your title suggests. See this link for an example.
  • Board development: Are the best board members the ones with specific skills (eg: accounting)? Or are they the ones with a passion for your mission who will do everything they can to make sure the agency is successful?
    Maybe this is a topic for a future Connecting Coffee?

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