How to Make Time for Yourself as a Nonprofit Professional



Nonprofit professionals are emotionally committed and professionally passionate about what they do. And they have to be, because working at a nonprofit organization certainly isn’t easy.

We’re not paid as well as our peers at for-profit organizations. We work long, sometimes erratic hours. We think about how to solve problems well into the night. We never have enough resources to do what needs to get done.

And the simplest thing can become difficult: no one added postage to the postage meter, so we dig into our purses for a stamp to get that letter out. No, we don’t have “people” to do that, we do that.

Compound those types of situations with additional stress: it’s time for the annual fundraising appeal, the grant application is due in 5 days, your client is headed to court, and someone forgot to add more postage to the postage meter.

We also don’t talk with our peers to find out what they’re working on, so we start to think we’re the only ones facing these issues.


Article written by Ashley Tobin for Generocity summarizing the November 2012 Connecting Coffee


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