Connecting Coffees: What we’ve learned in 2013







We’ve had two Connecting Coffees already in 2013, both of which were filled to capacity with talented and thoughtful people. I am trying to increase the frequency of the events to accommodate all of the people who are interested in these programs. Here’s what people said they’ve learned:

Volunteer Management

  • Loved the idea of encouraging volunteers to share their stories about why they volunteer and what they get out of it–and planning a way to capture those stories.
  • Using skill-based experiences and opportunities to recruit volunteers.
  • Ways to target potential volunteers based on skills.
  • That skills-based volunteering is something nonprofits want to do more often, but may not know how.
  • A volunteer program has many dimensions but deserves the time and investment of all staff.
  • How to establish legit coalitions of student volunteers on campus

Development Officers

  • Many organizations are understaffed for the work they want DD’s to do. Also, some orgs are in state of growth that requires a different staffing configuration.
  • Value of stewardship. Value of having conversations with people in your industry to learn more about what works (and doesn’t) for them.
  • The importance of an explicit thank you process in place.
  • I got some ideas on topics to bring up with my ED in terms of stewardship.
  • Great strategies for diversifying the stewardship process.
  • The benefits of formalizing a donor thank you policy with Board and Staff.
  • Fundraising is relationship building- it’s great to hear everyone’s experience with this.
  • Good Idea regarding acknowledgements, instituting an official policy and having artists make thank you calls.
  • I left the discussion with a lot of ideas. It’s a great forum to get people thinking about issues at work.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


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